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With nearly 2 decades of successful business experience ‘under my belt’, my FREE Small Business Marketing Guide is 52 weeks of Weekly (sometimes more often) Tips and Advice on how to Start and Operate Your Own Office Cleaning or other Service Business.

With an Office Cleaning Service, I was able to pay off debt, increase my income, and to retire financially secure; and you can do the same.

Information includes:

  • How to ‘Brand’ Your Business
  • Using Direct Mail to Build Your Business
  • How to Set Your Business apart with a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Why no Franchise is needed – low start-up costs make it possible.

My personal goal is to help YOU break the chains of the 9-5 daily grind, increase your income, and enjoy personal and economic freedom. It wasn’t too long ago that I was wondering what the future held for me:

 I was ‘down-sized’ several years ago; long before the 2008 recession. I was scared. I had a 3 year-old daughter, a pregnant wife, and just enough cash to keep food on the table. I managed to do some remodeling work for a while to pay the bills, but it was an unreliable income stream; I needed something more regular. And then I discovered office cleaning (My story is here) and my life changed for the better in ways I could never have dreamed. Let me share the possibilities with you…

What current readers are saying:

“I will definitely enjoy receiving more tips and will be waiting for the next one. Thanks!” Katherine B. Anderson, MO

“Thanks so much sir, I’m learning to expand my mind from being a small business owner into becoming a prosperous cleaning company. I have more residential than commercial. I’m looking into cleaning more businesses.Thanks for all the info.”  Carol

“Hi Rod,
I’ve just started with getting this cleaning biz together, and my biggest
problem is marketing. I’m so glad I’ve read your newsletter, because you have given me a shove in the right direction: I was “hoping” stuff would work:…….Thanks for the support. You’ve got some great stuff in there. Cheers, Mel”

“Hi Rod, I want very much to get a start with my cleaning business, I have a job at *******, but I want to get out of there soon as I can.  I have been there for about a month. I would quit there tomorrow if I would have some leads. ….  What is some advice you can give me?  ….. Bottom line is I need to earn some money and ******* is not the answer for me. It is a part time job, $7.70 an hour.  I feel as if I am wasting my time there. I hope you can help me out.  Thanks, Larry”


I’ve recently gone through the entire series and redone many of them to address questions I’ve received from my readers. They’ll be revised on a regular basis so you’ll have the ‘latest’ information.

Get over 52 weeks of advice on building and operating a successful office cleaning or other service business. Join Katherine and others who are receiving my free weekly newsletter as I show you how to become one of the thousands who are using a part-time or full-time office cleaning service, or other business; to pay off debt, create financial security and built an asset with real lasting value.



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Self-employed small businessman for 16+ years. Believes that owning and operating a service business provides a great way to eliminate debt, have financial freedom, and enjoy a worry-free retirement. Contact me at

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