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The top 5 valuable skills you’ll learn from your
Make Money Cleaning Offices

• How to set up and market your business
• Find and keep your ideal customer
• Prepare bids and present proposals

• Hire and train employees
• Productive and profitable scheduling

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“I love the book!! You lay out all the steps to set up a cleaning business. Plus, your shared personal experiences and tips make it easy to avoid time-consuming mistakes. Your insights on finding the idea client are worth the cost of the book.”

-Carol Larson, 2014

Just went  from 4-5000 a month to 11,000 and climbing. We went from two subs to 3-4 then to 6 subcontractors.”

-Carol Larson, 2016

“I’ve been ‘burned’ by 2 cleaning franchises, but still wanted to do office cleaning. So, I read your blog posts, then subscribed to the newsletter; to be honest, you’ve been a mentor to me with your encouragement, so I thought, “What’s to lose, I’ll buy the book.”
I should have done this at the beginning! It’s a goldmine of information, I’m so much more confident that I can start a cleaning business of my own.”

-Carlos Tucker

“I bought the book yesterday and read the entire thing in one sitting. Already I have pages of notes that will be extremely helpful. You also shined some light on things I had never thought about or seen discussed anywhere before. I’ve bought a couple other books and was hesitant to spend more money but I’m so thankful I did. I feel calmer now after reading the book and now feel I have some direction.Thanks for making this available to people.”

-Donna Hackett


“To date I have 14 accounts and generating about $4000 in revenue per month after a little over a year. ………….your e-book gave me a wealth of knowledge that I would have had to learn the hard way had I not read your book.”

-Peter Ruelas, mighty-n-tidy.com

Do you own a vacuum cleaner, some general purpose an glass cleaner, a duster and some cleaning cloths?

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